Fortwilliam & Macrory

Presbyterian Church

Bricks to Bridges ethos

The project seeks to apply principles from Restorative Justice to guide, not only a strategy for managing misbehaviour, but also for modeling appropriate behaviour, and fostering healthier relationships and community. We believe that such an approach resonates with the Church’s mission as reconciliation. The themes that underpin such an approach include:

Harm Prevention– from actions taken through carefully observing the physical space of engagement, to modeling relational faithfulness.

Accountability – making explicit safeguarding guidelines to all stakeholders, and modeling the norm of facing the consequences of our actions.

Inclusive Collaboration – working together with parents, youth, and other service providers.

Reparation – modeling the norm of shared responsibility for making amends for harm caused.

Reintegration – enabling marginalised groups and individuals become constructive assets in their community through addressing root issues.