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Bricks to Bridges

Bricks to Bridges history

The Bricks to Bridges Project arose out of the opportunities that presented themselves to us as a congregation through a youth club situated on a peace line site in North Belfast. The youth club faced some management and discipline challenges and it was important to us that we not close the club unless we had to and that we keep the club as open and inclusive as possible. All of this had to be done in a way that was safe for everyone.

In January 2011 a small pilot project began looking at ways to develop a restorative ethos within the club. Training for staff and young people alike was necessary and a negotiated way forward was crucial. The process would be slow we knew but we had no idea how effective it would be in such a short period of time.

Richard Higginson started to work with the project for ten hours each week and very soon came to realise that this could be a full time job if networking and mentoring were to be done well. Richard continues with the project and we draw in pieces of funding to make the project happen.