Fortwilliam & Macrory

Presbyterian Church

Going forward

A Project Management Board appointed by the Kirk Session now manages the B2B Project. The PMB takes into its view all the youth outreach work of the congregation. We have a very particular vision for redeveloping the site on Duncairn Gardens so that it is easily accessible from both sides of the ‘peace line’ and so that it becomes a space that is easily shared and where people can be reconciled with themselves and with one another,

An important aspect of our going forward is built on the notion of reconciliation. But we want to apply that concept in its widest form to include not just people of differing religious or political views but also to take into view social exclusion and difference and the issues that some people may have in settling with themselves and who they are. So reconciliation is about opening up relational spaces in many different ways and the Macrory premises on Duncairn Gardens can give physical expression to that space.

In the longer term there is work to be done which could engage workers full-time in many different aspects of work relating to the local community We develop that vision, water it with prayer, and continue to seek the funding.