Fortwilliam & Macrory

Presbyterian Church

Kirk Session and Committee

Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is responsible for the spiritual oversight and leadership of the congregation. They are elected by the congregation from within its communicant membership. The Kirk Session meets regularly to discuss the life of the congregation and to decide how to move forward in response to God’s leading.

As the group tasked with oversight of the spiritual affairs of the congregation members of Kirk Session are active in pastorally caring for the members of the congregation, supporting the minister and volunteer leaders and in giving leadership in outreach and change. They are faithful, dependable and committed in their calling.

Church Committee

The Church Committee is made up of members of Kirk Session alongside elected members of the congregation. Each elected member serves for a three year term. The Committee has oversight of the property and finances of the congregation.

Members of committee find themselves turning their hands to many different and sometimes unexpected tasks. This they do cheerfully and willingly.