Fortwilliam & Macrory

Presbyterian Church

Requesting use of premises

Thank you for your interest in the use of the halls at Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church.

In the Presbyterian Church the group of leaders known as the 'Kirk Session' is responsible for making decisions as to who can use the premises. It is our policy to open the premises to as many people as possible given constraints of space and time and being assured that there is adequate insurance cover and that child protection procedures are in place. We will need to have a copy of your insurance and child protection procedures on file before we will be able to proceed with your application.

Please review the following documents before making your application.

Applying online

Having reviewed the above documentation, please proceed to our online hall booking form.

Applying offline

Please download and complete the following forms:

Please return these forms as soon as possible to:

Richard Higginson
Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church
577 Antrim Road.
Belfast  BT15 3LJ

Recommended contributions

It is also our policy not to charge a fee for the use of the premises. However, you will understand that there are always outgoings in terms of heat and light, together with other up keep considerations. We would, therefore, invite you to consider making a realistic contribution for your use of the premises. We include some guidelines which reflect simply what the outlay in heat and light is for the congregation.

We look forward to receiving your request for use of the halls.

The Kirk Session, Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church