Fortwilliam & Macrory

Presbyterian Church
Tue, 05/15/2012 - 09:08 -- revlesley

Using our talents

People in the church have all sorts of gifts and talents. Too often people feel that they have nothing to offer to the life of the church and it would be true, I think, to say that many people think if only they had some money they could make that right. The real truth of course is that God has gifted everyone in different ways and if only we could see ourselves as God sees us then we would know how much each person in the community of faith matters. Caroline Fletcher has used her talents to meet a need. She took the initiative to make a new pulpit fall. The old one had been in place for many years, hand sewn a long time ago and it was looking the worse for wear. Some years ago we looked into purchasing a new one but the price was prohibitive in light of the other needs when it comes to outreach work and the maintenance of property, staff etc. So the idea was set to the side. Caroline realised that she could do something about this and she began the work of sewing a new fall which was in place for the first time on Sunday past. It is a fantastic addition and significantly brightens up the front of the church. It is the symbol of Reformed Churches across the world - the burning bush. Thanks for Caroline for the reminder that we all have gifts we can use and thanks too for the symbol of God's eternal presence with us no matter what.